Freedom. Solitude. Tranquility.

Brennia Kottefaru, a secluded realm lying pristine within the foam of Raa Atoll, is an expansive island with spacious beach and over-water villas and suites protruding from its sandy shores and the aqua tinted ocean surrounding it.

The 15 hectare island is accessible by a picturesque 40 minutes seaplane ride from Velana International Airport. Guests who wish to travel by domestic, can alternatively take a 40 minute flight to Ifuru Airport, followed by a short speedboat ride.

Stewards of Excellence

Brennia; Stewards of Excellence, catering to your every wish and whim with ease and enthusiasm, welcome you to our emerald islet, all year around. Whatever the occasion, be it a simple getaway, a holiday or a celebration, Brennia offers you and your loved ones authentic experiences designed to exceed your expectations.


Browse through the aesthetics of your accommodation options and discover the wonders of Brennia.